Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Boston Rail If You’re Keen To Find New Or Existing Talent In The UK Rail Sector

October 19, 2020

Boston Rail have a number of exciting propositions to help Organisations in the rail industry find new or existing talent. These cover Signalling, Telecoms, Electrification and Rolling Stock. Here are ten reasons why you should consider Boston Rail and what we believe sets us apart from other suppliers:

1. Boston Rail offer 1-2+ years entry level programmes; we have access to fantastic personnel from the ex-armed forces and also those with transferable skillsets from industries such as Aviation, Wind Energy and Automotive. Talk to us about our fantastic talent pool! The Rail industry has multiple projects ongoing and to start in 2021 and beyond, and the Rail sector urgently needs new talent to make up the projected shortfall.

2. Boston Rail will manage the programme so it doesn’t take emphasis away from your organisation’s activities. Our programmes will save time and money in other areas you may not have considered, such as: admin, payroll, tax, pension etc through Boston Rail pay rolling each candidate on a PAYE basis. Operating a 1-2 year development programme is time consuming in admin and logistics, but Boston Rail are very well equipped to handle this which takes away administrative resources and costs from you. What we ask in return is the commitment from a Rail organisation to provide mentorship and experience. We will make the rest happen!

3. Boston Rail will significantly invest candidate training prior to their start date; i.e. PTS Training, Basic Signalling Courses, Telecoms courses, OLEC 1 & 2 courses for example. We would also invest in other courses on our 2 year programme such as intermediate Signalling, OLEC 3 and associated modules. The wider Group have invested over £2m in candidate training since 2016.

4.  For the Signalling programme Boston Rail will invest in IRSE licences and IRSE Assessments for both new entrants and existing rail talent.

5. Boston Rail can also supply existing rail talent into your Organisation and would be prepared to invest in each candidate for an agreed commitment. Examples here are taking an Assistant Signalling Tester and helping them become a Verification Tester or helping a Assistant Design Engineer become a Design Engineer or an OLE Worker become an OLE Supervisor. As above Boston Rail would commit to relevant training programmes and IRSE Assessments for Signalling personnel. All this would be managed by us to enable you have the best quality candidates.

6. The ability to permanently hire candidates that Boston Rail provide at the end of the programme (subject to agreement with the candidate). This ensures your organisation can take the best talent and give them their next opportunity if there is the workload demand. This is a win-win for all!

7. An ongoing development programme will bring a conveyer belt of talent into your business that will be trained by Boston Rail and given industry experience. This will help meet future manpower demands.

8. Boston Rail offer contract, contract-perm (hybrid model) and permanent manpower solutions. A flexible approach to suit your needs.

9. Boston Rail have a specialist approach to recruitment to ensure that all candidates are extensively interviewed and that only the best candidates are provided. Boston Rail don’t just look for the right skill sets, we look for the right attitudes and behaviour as these are just as important.

10. The Group support a number of significant organisations in the UK, Europe and America. These include: DHL/EAT, Siemens Gamesa, Lufthansa, Condor, MHI Vestas and Eurowings. We have worked with several of those organisations between 10-20 years! So you can be rest assured you are in safe hands with Boston Rail.

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