How nurturing emerging talent can make a significant impact on your business

February 18, 2021

The Rail industry, like many other sectors, has been significantly affected by COVID-19, particularly for TOC’s who have seen revenues plummet as passengers generally have either been working from home or using their cars to get to work as a way of keeping their distance from others. The current (and ongoing) vaccination programme has been a huge British success story and it does feel like at last we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, and hope that, soon, restrictions will be lifted.

Whilst the last 12 months have been the most challenging periods of most people’s lives for a number of reasons, it is also positive to think that we may soon be able to meet with friends and family and start to see a gradual return to ‘normal’. Whilst time is passing, it is important not to forget the enormous talent that already exists in the rail sector and also new and emerging talent from outside the rail industry but looking to get a start in the sector. Boston Rail is huge advocates (for example) of ex-armed forces personnel, and our sister company, Boston Energy boasts a technician team of which 35% are comprised of ex-forces talent, and they are also members of the Armed Forces Covenant.

As 2021 rail projects start whirring into life and the economy kicks back into gear it may become apparent that additional personnel and skills are required in order to deliver programmes safely, of excellent quality and successfully. So with a strong pedigree in developing and nurturing ex-forces talent, and also those with transferable skills, Boston Rail has much to offer the UK Rail sector. We have developed training and development programmes of up to 2-years in duration to support both new entrants and existing rail talent. This ensures a pipeline of personnel being upskilled to support existing and future projects and to ensure your organisation has the correct manning levels to deliver the project requirements.

Boston Rail also provides bespoke solutions, we actively look for “problems” and then we go away and develop viable solutions that deliver on safety, quality and commercial aspects ensuring a “win-win” for customers. Emerging talent in our programmes can also be taken on permanently at the end of the training and development programme and play a part in your organisation’s future success. It also provides the option to select the best people available for the benefit of your business, whilst Boston Rail has invested in training, IRSE assessment and licences (for Signalling). For new entrants and emerging talents to be mentored by experienced personnel in your organisation makes such as difference, and as we have found both in our sister Bostonair and Boston Energy business, candidates learn and add value very quickly. The key here is that training and development programmes are managed through a “stage-gate” type system, and we work in partnership with our customers to ensure candidates are progressing well, and provide support with every step of the way.

Boston Rail’s new and existing rail talent programmes cover Signalling, Telecoms, Power and Rolling Stock. We can also support other areas of rail should you have a requirement. Get in touch with our Head of Rail, Tom Anderton to find out more – or 07825799382. We also offer Rail Consultancy and provide some real expertise in a number of areas with individuals who have 30+ years’ experience in the sector.

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