Why You Should Consider A Career In The Rail Industry

June 17, 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for all. We have seen the first major worldwide Pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918, and many sectors have been significantly hit. These include aviation and automotive, two sectors that have a huge amount of talent at all levels and above all, transferable skills. For new entrants into the sector, the UK Rail Industry has entered “Control Period 6” – the Government are significantly investing in the rail infrastructure and other areas of the sector, indeed Network Rail will spend £47.9 bn between 2019-2024 in England & Wales. Segments such as Signalling, Telecommunications, SCADA and Electrification are being significantly invested in, and the industry needs a significant amount new talent to meet demand.

There are 4,500 carriages to be delivered between now and the end of 2022, and with HS2 on the horizon this is a positive time to think about joining the industry. You can work mainly office based by entering Signalling / Telecoms design, work on track maintenance, or track side installing, maintaining and/or testing signalling and telecoms infrastructure. You could work in a production facility through training or re-training to work on rolling stock; roles include fitters, electricians, engineers and technicians. Other rail roles include Project Management, Project Engineering, Health & Safety, Construction etc. – you could also work on a train itself as a train driver or be part of the crew.

Boston Rail actively support those wishing to enter the Rail industry by providing training and opportunities to get into the sector with excellent organisations. We develop a road map with each individual to look at how we can develop them over time, and look at the career pathways available, in conjunction with our customers. We also provide highly skilled personnel who may be looking for the next opportunity and we recruit up to Senior Management and Executive level. For individuals looking to take the next step we will also look at how we can upskill and provide training support, for example we could upskill a Verification Tester for a Functional Tester.

We provide temporary, permanent and executive search labour into the Signalling, Telecoms, SCADA, Electrification, Rolling Stock and White Collar segments and further information can be found on Boston Rail at www.bostonrail.co.uk

If you’d like to work for Boston Rail, please send your CV to railenquiries@bostonrail.co.uk

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